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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Election Results Are In...

Thank you. We won the election for 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeman. It is our victory - I could never have done this without your support, encouragement and friendship.

We had a solid strategy and a truly remarkable group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to keep us on track to the victory on February 5th. And it was a great victory for all of us who believe in openness and true democratic process.

All of you committed to something we all want to believe in - a more open, responsive ward organization, where 43rd Ward Democrats can have their voices heard and be a part of shaping a progressive and fiscally responsible Democratic Party.

I will work to realize this goal. I will work hard to create more inclusive representation of 43rd Ward Democrats in the Cook County Democratic Party and to represent the values and demonstrated wishes of my constituency

I look back with gratitude at the number of people who gave so freely of their time, energy and money to support my campaign. Talented, creative, loyal people, who put in hours of time to help us effect change in the 43rd ward and in the City of Chicago.

Looking to the future, we can work together both in the General Election in the fall and to build and strengthen the Democratic Party in the 43rd Ward. I hope you become part of those efforts - and I look forward to working with you.