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Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Ward Office Bursting With Obama-mania!

The new 43rd Ward Democratic Party office at 2527 N. Lincoln Avenue was bursting at the seams this Saturday as more than 50 people showed up to make calls for the Obama campaign!
We need you! We're sending people to Indiana and Michigan. We're making calls day and night. Call Rakhael at 312-806-8888 0r email rross@obamafd.com. Who were some of the volunteers on the phones?
Beatrice Muchman, 75, from the Gold Coast, said "I'm here because I need to DO something and it's more inspiring to do it with others. I want to help get Obama elected before I have a nervous breakdown!" Gary Alexander, 43, from Lake View, is an actor and he's spending his Saturday with us because "I want to make sure Obama wins and wins BIG." This is Gary's first time volunteering for a candidate. Christine, 30, from Lincoln Park, says "I'm here to support Obama because his message has been amazing and inspiring and I'm thrilled to be part of the campaign." Christine has never volunteered for a candidate before. THANK YOU so much, Beatrice, Gary and Christine and the hundreds of other volunteers who have passed through the doors of the newly opened 43rd Ward Democratic Party office. This is just the beginning of a vigorous, people-powered politics for our community!

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