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Thursday, August 27, 2009

43rd Ward Democrats - Membership Requirements

The following is an excerpt from the By-Laws of the 43rd Ward Democrats:
Section 1. A Member of the 43rd Ward Democrats shall be any person who supports the principles of the 43rd Ward Democratic Party organization – electing progressive, fiscally responsible Democratic candidates; running fair, well staffed elections; providing educational and relevant information to our voters; motivating and working towards higher voter turnout in the 43rd ward - subject to certification (and decertification) of the Executive Board

Section 2. A Voting Member of the 43rd Ward Democrats shall be entitled to vote in Ward endorsement sessions called by the Committeeman if the member has met the following criteria:
1) A voting member must be registered to vote within the 43rd Ward.
2) A voting member must have attended at least one non-endorsement Ward Meeting in the nine months prior to the vote in question.
3) A voting member must have met the Volunteer Requirement in the last year prior to the vote in question. This requires the member to have participated in or accomplished at least two of the following:
a. Served on an Official Committee or as Precinct Leader of the 43rd Ward Democrats.
b. Volunteered a minimum of 2 hours for an Endorsed Candidate or, when no endorsement has been made, a Democratic candidate listed by the 43rd Ward Democrats Executive Board.
c. Worked an Event for the Organization by helping with planning, set up, sign in and clean up.
d. Volunteered on an Election Day in some capacity for the 43rd Ward Democrats.
e. Volunteered for an Initiative or Referendum approved by the 43rd Ward Democrats.
f. Volunteered at a Community Event staffing tables, gathering signatures or registering voters on behalf of the 43rd Ward Democrats.
g. Volunteered in the 43rd Ward Democrats Office or doing office work in some capacity.

The Executive Board may approve other activities suitable to fulfill the Volunteer Requirement.

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