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Friday, November 13, 2009

The BGA and County Board Candidates Forum

I'm thrilled that we will be hosting a debate for the candidates for Cook County Board President on November 15.

As we know, this is the critical race that will decide our sales taxes, property taxes, and the provision of county services - like our judiciary, prosecutors, jail, County hospital and forest preserves.

So I'm doubly thrilled that the 43rd Ward's own Andy Shaw, former star reporter from ABC7 News, and now the executive director of the Better Government Association, will be moderating. I asked Andy to referee this debate because I believe very strongly in the mission of the BGA - and I think you might too.

To quote Andy, "The debate in the 43rd Ward offers voters and taxpayers an excellent opportunity to see who, among the Democratic candidates, is truly committed to eliminating the 'corruption tax' we all pay when government is run for the benefit of the politicians and not the public. And who is dedicated to restoring FAITH in government, which is an acronym for Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Honesty. That's the Better Government Association's mission, and we're eager to see who shares it." I very much agree.

We all know that serious investigative reporting is threatened by the cutbacks in our local papers and newstations at this time. Now more than ever we need a watchdog group like the Better Government Association.

Find out more about the BGA and think about joining. You may even decide to send a contribution.

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