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Friday, November 13, 2009


Richard Zisook and Michael Supera now own and propose to re-develop all of the existing hospital buildings, including the Lincoln Park Hospital buildings on the north side of Webster (running north all the way to Grant Place) and the parking garage on the south side of Webster. They propose the following changes and new uses:

Parking garage

Remove second floor and reconfigure structure for a ground floor drug store on the west side and a hi-level grocery store on the west side, containing a total of approximately 32,000 square feet of retail space.

Re-clad the exterior of structure with brick, and extend the height of the parapet wall (top level) by 4 feet. There would be parking on the roof.

Trucks making deliveries to the drug store and grocery and picking-up garbage would back in and out of a newly-created driveway running from the east side of Lincoln Avenue into the west (Lincoln Avenue) side of the garage.

Hospital Building along Geneva Terrace

Remodel hospital building along Geneva Terrace, between Grant Place and Webster, plus portion of building on Webster between corner building and hospital "tower", and convert to rental senior citizen's housing, with approximately 330 units in all.

Convert first floor on north side of Webster to commercial use, with a number of small shops.

New driveway from Webster would provide all access for parking, deliveries and garbage pick-up to the entire complex. Parking to be underground.

New façade to be installed.

Hospital Tower

Remodel existing tower and convert to120 for-sale condominium units. Presently projected prices around $500/ sq. ft. Parking to be underground.

New façade to be installed.

Existing driveway and small "park" area to east of Hospital Tower

To be converted into two, for-sale residential lots.

Existing utility buildings on south side of Grant Place

To be demolished and new, for-sale housing to be built. Exact type of building and height limitations under discussion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great! More retail and housing, which is SO NEEDED in this neighborhood (heavy sarcasm). Have the developers checked out the empty storefronts on Halsted, Armitage or Clark? It would not appear that there is a need not being filled in that area. On the other hand, any and all Parks and recreation programs are standing room only with facilities in short supply...