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Monday, December 28, 2009

Questions Asked of each Candidate for County Board President

At our October candidate forum, moderater Andy Shaw asked each candidate a specific question about their past record. Here they are:

Shaw asked Brown, “You’ve been called to task for having people on your staff circulate petitions, show up at campaign rallies donate to you with presents or cash. How do you square this with a claim that you are for “professionalism over politics?”

Brown: “I will stack my record of ethics and reform up against anybody.” “I met with all 2300 employees … and I made it very clear that they do not have to donate to me or anyone else.” With regard to the allegation that petitions were passed on county time, she said, “No one to my knowledge . . . People are dropping lies out there and I’m dealing with those lies. “

Shaw asked O’Brien: “You run the water reclamation district and you’ve had a successful private sector business. . . . The MWRD has a list of 500 significant industrial polluters and on that list are some that are clients of one of your companies. How can you work at a company that helps companies that help perpetrate dirty water?”

O’Brien said he was a partner in K-Plus and a minority shareholder in other entities. “No impropriety [has been found] in relationship with any dealings with the Water Reclamation District.”

Shaw asked Preckwinkle: “The perception is that you started as a fierce critic of the Olympics but the sense was that as this race harkened that you backed off your criticism of the Olympic bid considerably.”

Preckwinkle replied, “I’m the one person who is most likely to be on the other side of the mayor. . . . It became quite clear to me early on that this was one of the three items that the mayor would consider part of his political legacy. The first being educational reform, the second being CHA transformation, the third being the Olympics. So given that fact I decided that I would try to work hard to get the best deal I could for the constituents that I represented. I make no apologies for that.”

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