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Monday, December 28, 2009

What Do the Candidates for County Board President Say About Abortion?

O’Brien: “We all have our own personal beliefs. As Andy said, I’m a practicing Catholic. However, I do have a public statute to uphold and as I have told the people around this county, that I can decipher between church and state. I will not interrupt any services that are currently being provided at the county with relationship to a woman making a choice. I feel that that decision is between a woman or a patient and their doctor. With the Stupak amendment, I will continue to make sure that there is funding available for those particular services to women who so chose to do that and make that decision between them and their doctor. . . . My personal beliefs are not brought into my public life.”

Brown: “I am pro-choice and so I would not do anything to affect what is occurring at Cook County Hospital at this present time. I was a little disappointed that at the last minute the House had to do the compromise in order to get the conservative democrats to vote for the health care bill. And I would hope that possibly that when the bill goes over to the Senate that they would be able to rewrite that portion where the individuals that get - use the public option actually can continue to get abortions as well. So I’m a prochoice person and of course I would be - ensure that we continue to provide that service at Cook County Hospital.”

Preckwinkle: “I’m a strongly pro-choice Democrat. I have been my entire life and it’s important to understand that the abortion services that are offered at County Hospital now are modest in relation to what the possibilities are, I mean frankly. And I think this is something where we need to look to expand these services and regularize them rather than simply maintaining the status quo. Abortions at Cook County Hospital I think are $50. They are the most reasonable abortions in the area. And we ought to be providing that resource to women who make that choice as reasonably as possible. And I think that it’s important to remember that we need to be committed to this whatever the Supreme Court decides about choice. And we’re in a position where it’s uncertain the direction of which the Supreme Court is going. But we have to make that commitment locally that we’re going to provide these services for women who desperately need them.”

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