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Monday, December 21, 2009

What Does the Community Want at Lincoln Park Hospital?

My newsletter last week describing the proposed redevelopment of Lincoln Park Hospital drew an awful lot of comments. Here are some of the comments:

People who live near the hospital said:

“I support your position regarding Lincoln Park Hospital as a resident in this district and as an individual who was a member of the medical staff of the hospital for 54 years.”
“I am in complete agreement with you.”
“I am concerned by the building of a 12 story condo building in the heart of Lincoln Park.”
“I am opposed to any taller structure in our area.”
“I am interested in keeping the neighborhood with the neighborhood feel.”
“I would not like to see a high rise condominium complex and retail center built on the site of the former Lincoln Park Hospital.”
“I am adamantly opposed to any retail on Webster.”
“Webster east of Lincoln is a charming Lincoln Park residential neighborhood and it should remain that way.”
“I am against a high rise development or the development of a shopping center of any sort.”
“I moved to Cleveland Ave. 25 years ago -- since then, I have not been able to add one brick to the front of my house. And now the powers that be may allow a high rise residential building to be constructed only one block away?”
“It is insane to be building more retail and high rise buildings in this environment. Let me know what I can do to fight this.”
“I definitely oppose the retail plan.”
“It sounds terrible.”
“There is no need for large retail in that neighborhood.”
“I agree that the retail scheme being proposed seems very inappropriate, let alone that it ignores zoning.”
“I am concerned about this potential zoning disaster.”
“I am opposed to the plans for Lincoln Park Hospital.”
“I would like to voice my strong opposition to adding retail shops to the property at Lincoln and Webster. The LAST thing we need in this area is additional retail shops.”
“I am a concerned neighbor.”
“I think this is a terrific letter.”
“I am absolutely opposed to the current plan set forth to built retail and large scale condominiums. Aside for aesthetics, my major concern is about added traffic and congestion in an already congested area.”
“I am one of the original settlers on Geneva Terrace, since 1963. I have lived through many of these fights and I know how powerful we can and have been when we work together.”
“We STRONGLY support your position on the redevelopment of Lincoln Park Hospital. The last thing we need is more retail on Lincoln.”
“We are very interested in joining the opposition.”

Other Lincoln Parkers said:

“My husband and I wish to convey our concern for the retail plans that would drastically change the nature and character of the neighborhood.”
“I, as a resident in Lincoln Park for over thirty years, am very opposed to any high rise condo building and retail shops where Lincoln Park Hospital is now.”
“This is really the most wrong time ever to build new retail spaces - especially in this neighborhood.”
“I for one am opposed to more retail and hi-rise condos in the area – traffic is already a nightmare and it would change the feel of the neighborhood in a negative way.”
“I agree with your recent email!!!!!”
“I agree with you totally about the site and the proposed usage and I have met individually with one of the potential developers and expressed my concerns. Please keep me informed as I am very much opposed to the current plan.”
“I have been a resident of Lincoln Park since 1974. I own several properties in the area and think enough development is enough.”
“My Husband, and myself have fought long and very hard to keep the nature of our neighborhood
as intact as possible.”
“Let me know how I can help defeat this current retail/condo development plan for the Lincoln Park hospital site.”
“Please keep me informed about what we can do to preserve the residential low rise character of the neighborhood.”
“No malls in Lincoln Park Hospital area.”
“I am very concerned about the redevelopment.”
“We agree with the tenor and substance of your email on the subject of redevelopment at Lincoln Park Hospital.”
“Excellent e-mail re: Lincoln Park Hospital’s problematic growing plans. We’re behind you & in agreement that the plan should be redrawn to fit the landmark area of low- rise homes and townhouses.”
“We don’t need another high rise and especially more (soon-to-be shuttered) retail spaces. The impact of Children’s Memorial will be huge on our neighborhood as well. I’m OK with new building that is in keeping with the neighborhood.”

I received only three comments that were somewhat favorable:

The Webster retail will be “2 units no larger then 15,000 each. The remaining of the retail will be on the north side of the street on Webster and Geneva Terrace.”
“I do like the idea of adaptive reuse e.g. affordable apartments and/or senior apartments rather than a tear-down of that asbestos laden fortress. (Augustana Hospital went down with NO safeguards, no plastic).”
“Lincoln Park needs a mega business/retail infusion. So before we shun significant retail development in an existing commercial corridor that has built in parking, we should carefully consider the significant downside implications of our hair trigger preservationists.”
If you haven’t commented before, please comment here!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A number of homes in the mid-north area have no alleyways or garages and thus no chance of ever getting their cars off the street. Once 300 condos are in place with their friends/visitors parking on the street as well....I can't even imagine what a nightmare it will be.