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Monday, December 28, 2009

Where do the Candidates for County Board President Stand on The County Sales Tax

Preckwinkle: “I will eliminate the tax incrementally over my term.” Preckwinkle wants to do it incrementally because “when your income goes down you have to cut expenses, but you want to do that responsibly.” On getting more government funding for the county: “That you take federal money or when you take money from state programs you have to be accountable. You have say what you used the money for and who you hired and the county has had the policy, frankly, unspoken, of not wanting to be accountable to outside entities for they way they spent their money so they didn’t apply for it. Now this is ridiculous because it could take the burden off of our local taxpayer.”

“Health care advocates … say that the county doesn’t apply for lots of money that’s available from the federal government to provide health services and I think it’s because of this historical reason.”

O’Brien: “My intention is to repeal it the first day I get in office. Because what happens is if you extend it over a long period of time you start becoming dependent on the use of that particular revenue. I think what needs to be done is it needs to be repealed and there needs to be an audit of all the operations throughout the county . . . purchasing, labor and other personnel matters. … We have to take a look at everything up and down
across the board.

Brown: “We need to strategically lower the sales tax while finding additional revenue. . . .What I would do is . . . similar to what I did as Clerk of the Court. I created a revenue increase initiative task force upon taking office. And that task force looked at every non-tax revenue that was available . . . .” “We have a lot of assets that could be advertised on.

Michele’s comment: The sales tax has just been cut ½ of a percent, so we are halfway to a total repeal. But I favor studying the operations of the County to see how best to reduce costs

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