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Monday, December 28, 2009

Where do the Candidates for County Board President Stand on the Independent Board for the County Hospital System?

O’Brien: “I would like to see it go another year and a half before we do an evaluation. Some people want to keep them as a permanent board. I want to keep them, but on a contractual basis, maybe every three years, so the board and the taxpayers can evaluate what their doing and how they’re doing it.”

Preckwinkle: “We need permanent, permanent independent governance of our health care system to separate it from the patronage and political influence which has crippled it in the past. We have that independent governance now. We need to make it permanent.”

Brown: “I do believe that Cook County Hospital system is such a large organization . . .and I believe that there needs to be an independent oversight of the hospital. We would, I would look at the, with the commissioners of course, the current board and see if that is the type of format that’s necessary. But I do feel that having that independent, separate oversight, because we can’t - Generally, there was a committee, I believe, that was, or one or two commissioners that had that responsibility. But that, that is just not enough. I believe there needs to be that independent oversight. So I would be looking to continue it in some way form or fashion some kind of independent oversight of the Cook County health and Hospital system.”

Michele’s comment: The Independent Board governing the County Hospital is critical to increasing the quality and decreasing the cost of the hospital system. The possibility of returning the system to political oversight should be completely unacceptable.

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