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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Important Membership Meeting!

Save The Date
Tuesday, June 2nd
6:30 PM
Lincoln Park Library
1150 W. Fullerton
(parking available)

Guest Speaker:
County Commissioner Bridget Gainer
Representative for the 10th District
Please RSVP to michele43rd@gmail.com

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Change We Can Believe In - Right Here in Illinois.

If you supported Barak Obama for President now is your time to help make change happen here in Illinois.

Just as we were celebrating the election of our new President, we suffered the humiliation of having our Governor removed from office for alleged corruption, and we endure the almost daily reports of mismanagement in many of our local governments. The reason this has happened is that, for a long time, some people here at home didn't really follow our politics in Illinois. And that happened in particular, right here, in Lincoln Park, Old Town and the Gold Coast - the 43rd Ward. For example, last November, over 30,000 people turned out to vote for President Obama in our ward - a voter turnout of 82%. But in our last series of State elections, only 24% of voters came out in our ward.

We can change all that. Start by joining us for an exciting evening:
Important Organizational Meeting
Tuesday, June 2nd
6:30 pm
Lincoln Park Library
1150 W. Fullerton

Guest Speaker: County Commissioner Bridget Gainer
Representative for the 10th District
RSVP to michele43rd@gmail.com

The 43rd Ward is the only ward in the entire city of Chicago that never voted for Rod Blagojevich (other candidates carried the ward in his previous elections). Imagine the change we could make in our State, our County, and our City if our voters here in the ward turned out in the way we did to elect President Obama.

Those of you who volunteered to elect President Obama know how to do it - you walked precincts and made phone calls into communities.

We're going to give you the same opportunity to help elect progressive Democrats right in your neighborhood - to organize parties in your own homes. Turn the vote out in your block and your own precinct - using the same tools you used in the Obama campaign.

You can join a larger effort here in Illinois that is committed to reform our State, County and city. Learn how on June 2nd - or email me at michele43rd@gmail.com.