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Friday, April 16, 2010

Did the 43rd Ward Make a Difference?

You bet it did. I've analyzed the results from last week's election, and I am proud of our results.

1600 more people voted than in 2006, a 26% increase over the last primary election. And that made a difference:

THE 43rd WARD HAD THE GREATEST MARGIN OF VICTORY FOR TONI PRECKWINKLE ANYWHERE IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO - 73.3%. City wide Toni received 46% of the vote. We made a critical difference in providing her a victory over those parts of the city that voted for less independent and progressive candidates.

Future State Representative Ann Williams also won the highest margin of victory here in the 43rd Ward- 62% - making a critical difference in her victory.

Judges: The 43rd Ward voted for the highest qualified judges by a wide margin, helping to bring to victory Judge Jim Epstein, future judge Terry MacCarthy, and Judge Ray Mitchell.

And many great candidates - David Hoffman, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Jonathan Goldman and Ray Figueroa - also received their highest margin of victory here. Higher turnout might have carried the day for some of them.

If you want more specifics on the races, check out http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103023825474&s=3626&e=001EzQ74jR22SybKUqoLNyGX_MqFiYqsDaX-rCB0qJCC0wEE_A2i6Ay5qW3nEeENgJRWBWC4lKahJmvRguqhd4vo3aSJzPJxmPXEEKyTKS_cqInYIhYA38eHdmqbKHXhkgO.

Even though the news reported that voter turnout percentage was low, that is because we have an almost historically high number of registered voters due to the Obama race. If we can increase turnout from the 7600 that did vote in this election, we'll really make a decisive difference in the way our city, county and state is governed.

I hope that you see that your vote, and the 43rd Ward's votes, makes a difference in steering our government towards more independent, progressive candidates. Thank you for your vote, and I hope you join us the next time we have a primary election.

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