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Monday, September 20, 2010

Become an Election Judge!

The 43rd Ward needs more election judges for the November 2nd Election. There is no better way to learn about the political process and it is a paid position. Please contact us at michele43rd@gmail.com if you're interested in applying or call us at 773-661-2133.

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43rd Ward Democrats

43rd Ward Democrats will remain fully operational but will no longer be operating out of 2527 N.Lincoln Avenue. You will still regularly get our Newsletter and we will keep you informed on all the issues, especially on all the news you need to make informed decisions in the upcoming November election.

You can look forward to getting information about the judges running for retention who will appear on the November ballot, a Women Against Brady rally in October, precinct work and leafletting for our endorsed candidates and numerous opportunities to volunteer for 43rd Ward Democrats. We will be calling upon you to help out on Election day - Tuesday, November 2nd!

Continue to contact us at 773-661-2133 and we will continue to work for progressive, fiscally responsible candidates. 43rd Ward Democrats, and its membership, remains alive and well!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

43rd Ward Democrats Endorse Claypool!

I have been approached by many members of the community, and many of the voting members of 43rd Ward Democrats, in regards to what should be done about Joe Berrios in his race to be County Assessor. As you will recall, 43rd Ward Democrats did not endorse him in the Primary. We endorsed Ray Figueroa, a man with highly respected progressive credentials.

The alternative would be for 43rd Ward Democrats to endorse someone with a proven record of reform, someone in line with our mission of electing progressive candidates to office. That person is Forrest Claypool and he is running as an Independent.

I called upon the Voting Members of 43rd Ward Democrats to step outside party boundaries and consider an endorsement of Forrest Claypool. I felt that by doing so we actually uphold what is best in our party and send a clear message that "business as usual politics" are not acceptable to us. Nor should they be acceptable to the Democratic Party we want to support and and help shape.

Over the past week Voting Members have cast their ballots - Yes or No - to endorse Forrest Claypool for County Assessor. The final tally of votes on Monday, August 30th resulted in an overwhelming majority vote for endorsement of Forrest Claypool for Cook County Assessor. We are proud to support him.

The Cook County Assessor's office determines your property taxes. We need the Assessor to be a person of the highest integrity, who will eliminate the conflicts of interest which so plague our local government. We hope you learn more about this important race, and join with the 43rd Ward Democrats in electing Forrest and the Democratic candidates who are running in November.

Look What We've Accomplished!

Since I was elected Democratic Committeeman of the 43rd Ward in February 2008, I have accomplished many things beyond the scope of a Committeeman’s designated responsibility to run elections. I have kept to my personal mission of educating and informing the voters of the 43rd Ward and increasing voter turnout to a greater extent than has ever been done in the past . We have introduced candidates for office, as well as elected officials, directly to the voters more than any other ward organization, and kept you informed about matters of local and national importance.

In 2010:
• I’m keeping you informed about important developments in the Lincoln Park Hospital development controversy and building public support to keep future development residential
• Our Candidate Fair introduced voters to more than 55 Candidates running for local and statewide offices in the February Primary.
• Our 43rd Ward Democrats endorsed progressive independent candidates for the February Primary. We did thorough research to help you elect the most qualified judges and other candidates in races that receive little press coverage so you could exercise an informed vote.
• On Election Day, we increased voter turnout by 1600 more people than in the late mid-term election in 2006, a 26% increase.
• Our comprehensive research showed how judges are actually selected in Cook County. I took you behind the scenes of the Democratic Party and told you how slating works.

In 2009:
• Over 300 people (and much of the city’s media) covered our County Board President Candidates Forum, moderated by Andy Shaw, former network political reporter and head of the Better Government Association.
• We introduced Candidates for Illinois State Treasurer, State Comptroller and County Metropolitan Water Reclamation District to the voters at our Meet the Candidates Event.
• The 43rd Ward Democrats’ Candidates Forum in the 5th Congressional District Special Election attracted a crowd of more than 700 people.
• Our Hear from Your Elected Officials event, featuring Congressmen Danny Davis and Mike Quigley and State Representatives Sara Feigenholtz and John Fritchey, allowed constituents to get direct answers from their representatives.
• I cast the deciding vote in the Democratic Party slating session to ensure that the 5th Congressional District Special Election race would be an open primary, leaving the decision to the voters of the district instead of party bosses.
• I took independent stands in Democratic Party matters involving slating.
• Our community meetings introduced 43rd ward voters to newly elected Congressman Mike Quigley and newly appointed County Commissioner Bridget Gainer.
• Over 200 people attended our very successful Second Annual Unity Fundraiser.
• Our Petitioning Event gave volunteer support to 18 local and statewide races and put volunteers in direct contact with candidates and campaigns.
• We hosted successful phone banks to support health care reform.

In 2008:
• I hosted the 43rd Ward Democrats First Meeting where Anita Alvarez, Democratic Candidate for State’s Attorney, was introduced to voters.
• Voter Registration - We registered more than 1,000 new 43rd Ward voters.
• Judge Recruitment – We filled more than 150 Democratic Election Judge slots with a record number of 43rd Ward residents as judges.
• First Annual Unity Fundraiser - The evening was a tremendous success and brought together elected officials and residents from all over the ward.
• You went with me to the Democratic Convention in Denver for an on-the-ground look.
• Our packed Rally for Obama generated 100 students and longtime residents to volunteer to make phone calls, go door-to-door and go to Michigan and Wisconsin to help elect Barack Obama.
• New Ward Office – opened at 2527 N. Lincoln Avenue.
• Our First Election Day – we increased the number of 43rd Ward residents serving as election judges by 100% and a huge number 43rd ward volunteers helped make the day run smoothly.