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Thursday, September 2, 2010

43rd Ward Democrats Endorse Claypool!

I have been approached by many members of the community, and many of the voting members of 43rd Ward Democrats, in regards to what should be done about Joe Berrios in his race to be County Assessor. As you will recall, 43rd Ward Democrats did not endorse him in the Primary. We endorsed Ray Figueroa, a man with highly respected progressive credentials.

The alternative would be for 43rd Ward Democrats to endorse someone with a proven record of reform, someone in line with our mission of electing progressive candidates to office. That person is Forrest Claypool and he is running as an Independent.

I called upon the Voting Members of 43rd Ward Democrats to step outside party boundaries and consider an endorsement of Forrest Claypool. I felt that by doing so we actually uphold what is best in our party and send a clear message that "business as usual politics" are not acceptable to us. Nor should they be acceptable to the Democratic Party we want to support and and help shape.

Over the past week Voting Members have cast their ballots - Yes or No - to endorse Forrest Claypool for County Assessor. The final tally of votes on Monday, August 30th resulted in an overwhelming majority vote for endorsement of Forrest Claypool for Cook County Assessor. We are proud to support him.

The Cook County Assessor's office determines your property taxes. We need the Assessor to be a person of the highest integrity, who will eliminate the conflicts of interest which so plague our local government. We hope you learn more about this important race, and join with the 43rd Ward Democrats in electing Forrest and the Democratic candidates who are running in November.

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